I’ve always been an artistic person. As a child, you could not get me out of the art center, and as I grew older I was obsessed with drawing faces and shading their dimensions. In middle school, I would steal my sister’s makeup (I think after 15 years it’s okay to finally admit that I took it and hoarded it in secret). In high school, I had an assembly line of fellow cheerleaders waiting for me to do their makeup come competition day. I began my career in college, doing makeup for various musicals and plays, volunteering for charities, and using my friends as willing guinea pigs on nights out. Over the past four years, I have assisted major artists, and invested in my education to help my skills come full circle.

I have been very blessed to travel to places I once could only dream of, and throughout my travels I have seen a blend of different cultures, and varying depictions of ideal beauty. I aim to bring that diversity across in my work, both in the way my clients look and also in how they feel. Every day I get to live my dream and fall in love with it over again.

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